How to use Uploadcare with Wordpress?


  • Login to your WordPress admin page
  • Go to Plugins -> Add New
  • Search “Uploadcare”
  • Click Install Now
  • Go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins
  • Click the Activate link if the plugin is inactive


Please, complete the quick setup prior to using the plugin:

  • Go to Settings -> Uploadcare.
  • Set your public and secret keys in the “API Keys” section. The keys help identify which Uploadcare account and project uploads will go to. Check out this article to learn more. Use default keys in case you’d like to check out the demo mode.

  • Set where you would like uploads to come from. Choose suitable options in the “Upload sources” section. Multiple selection is made via Ctrl or Shift.

  • Scroll down and press the Save Changes button.


Adding media to WP Media Library

  • Go to Media -> Library.
  • Press the Add New button.

  • Hit Upload via Uploadcare.

  • Upload your stuff via the widget and hit Done.

Here’s a live example:

Adding media to the post editor

  • Go to the Post-editing page.
  • Choose a position where you want to add media.
  • Press Add Media.
  • Upload your stuff via the widget and hit Done.
  • Great, it’s all set to check out how your stuff looks like in your Post.