Downloading multiple files uploaded by a client

How do I download multiple files, a client just sent a bunch  and I don't want to download all of them manually

There are two ways.

First - you can connect Uploadcare to your S3 bucket, make an S3 backup and download the files from your backup.

Second - use REST API to automatically list and download the files one-by-one. Here is an example:

export HEADER="Authorization: Uploadcare.Simple PRIVATEKEY:PUBLICKEY"
curl -H "$HEADER" '' \
    |python -c 'import json,sys; x=json.loads(; print "\n".join([i["original_file_url"] for i in x["results"]]);' \
    | xargs -n 1 curl -O

If you are familiar with Bash and Python, it should be clear (use your private & public key from Uploadcare project).

It will download all the files (one-by-one) from your Uploadcare storage to the local folder.