How can I download all my files?

There is no out-of-the-box method to download all files, but it's possible with Uploadcare Python libraryUcare sync is a part of the library and it can be used for bulk downloading.

Here is an instruction how to use ucare tool:
Python has a number of great tools for isolation, one the best, virtualenv, comes along with pip, a new standard for Python package managing.

  1. install pip (locally or globally) if you don't have it yet:
  2. $ pip install virtualenv
  3. $ virtualenv pyuploadcare # creates and activates new environment source pyuploadcare/bin/activate
  4. $ pip install pyuploadcare # installs library with all dependencies
  5. $ ucare --help
  6. $ ucare --pub_key demopublickey --secret demoprivatekey sync ./local_uc/${uuid}/${filename} # will sync your remote project with public key demopublickey with local directory local_uc.  

Don't forget to change demopublickey and demoprivatekey to your public/private keys.