What is hotlink protection and do you provide it with your service?

You have uploaded the images to your server and your website is ready to provide unique experiences to your users. People love it and everything is great, but at some point you notice something is off.

People like your website so much that they have started sharing your images on their websites.  Imagine someone plugging into your electric socket, doing laundry and heating home for their comfort. Your electric bill would surprise you a lot. Similarly, someone has to pay for bandwidth and you don't want your files to generate traffic somewhere else. You might find yourself paying for someone else's expenses.

We offer hotlink protection to avoid scenarios like that.  It allows you to restrict HTTP referrers in order to prevent others from embedding your assets on other websites. If you want to activate the feature you need to contact support and let us know about all of the domains that should have access to the resources hosted on Uploadcare server, i.e:

 1. www.yourwebsite.com

 2. cdn.yourwebsite.com

Note, your plan should support  custom CNAME.