Upload from URL in the backend

I'm wondering how to use the API uploadcare.fileFrom('url', newFile) from node. The web library doesn't run inside node. And also, I saw that fileFrom is missing in the node module provided in github. Is it possible to upload file from URL with a curl POST?

Unfortunately API for uploading from URL is not documented ATM, you may look at python library for reference: https://github.com/uploadcare/pyuploadcare/blob/master/pyuploadcare/api_resources.py#L265-L378

Note: The returned token is not file UUID, this token is used for watching upload progress:

curl https://upload.uploadcare.com/from_url/status/?token=880e57e8-6fda-4fc4-b473-2d51e57ae631

When "status" is success, the real file UUID will be in "uuid" field.

UPDATE: Implementation of uploading from file for NodeJS: https://github.com/evaletolab/uploadcare-node